Meet the Family

Imad and Camille

Camille and Imad Husseini are the current owners of The Nutrition Company. With over 30 years experience, they are not new to the health industry. Life brought them to Canada from Australia and Lebanon and together they have managed/owned stores in both Canada and Australia. They owned and operated Natural High in Barrhaven in the late 80’s and then after moving to Australia in 2000 they opened a health food store in Newcastle (north of Sydney). After returning to Ottawa they purchased The Nutrition Company which they have successfully owned since 2003.

Passionate advocates of the health food industry, both Camille and Imad have always included their three daughters in the running of their businesses. Like their parents, Alea, Ameera and Majida share the same belief that people need to be proactive in their quest for good health by making informed food, exercise and supplement choices. All three daughters can be found in the store at various times, however it is Majida that has taken over more of the day to day operations. She has been interested in the natural health field from a young age and completed her Natural Nutrition Certification from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013. With over 20 years experience in the business she is always eager to share her knowledge and advice. 

The Husseini family has always appreciated the loyalty the customer base has provided and they look forward to welcoming new customers to The Nutrition Company and forming new relationships. 

The Husseini family