The Benefits of Oils for the Winter

Argan: Good for dry skin (and hair), with added anti-aging benefits
Avocado: Great for very dry and chapped skin as well as scar tissue and stretch marks
Castor Oil: Protects skin from extreme wind or cold. Hair growth benefits
Fractionated Coconut Oil: Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; good for dry, sensitive skin
Sesame: Helpful for dry skin, especially attributed to chlorine and windburn
Rosehip Seed: Best for dry skin that is inflamed and/or aged
Sweet Almond: A good emollient and skin conditioner. Ideal for dry, chapped and scaly skin
Apricot Kernel: Light texture oil that is good for dry skin that is also sensitive
Evening Primrose: High in GLA fats great for dry and inflamed skin (eczema, psoriasis)
Jojoba: A wax considered to mimic our own sebum; used for inflammation and acne as well as dryness
Shea Nut Butter: Helpful for dry skin especially when wound healing and/or skin repair is necessary
Tamanu: Great for damaged, dry, inflamed or infected skin as a regenerative
Vitamin E: Great for dry, cracked, damaged and/or peeling skin
Neem: Used traditionally for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

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